1979 Fender "Mocha" Stratocaster. "Hardtail" with Maple Neck # S901229



In the 70's, there was a  trend towards the "Natural" look on solid body guitars, causing a lot of people to strip the original finishes from their guitars. So it was that Fender started offering finishes that bowed to this trend. This "Mocha Brown" finish arrived at around the time that Fender introduced the 'black pickguard, pickup covers and knobs' look as the standard. This Strat has the non-tremolo bridge, aka "Hardtail" model. Quite rare, with a slightly different tone and less tuning issues, ash body, maple neck, 3 Bolt "Tilt" neckplate, two stringtrees, make it 70's all the way. It is factory original, right down to it's orange lined, black rectangular case. Great effort to be this clean after 35 years I reckon!