1956 "Champ" Fender Lapsteel Blond



*On Hold* Apart from Amplification and radio Repairs, these steel guitars are what started it all for Leo Fender and the team he would eventually assemble, to set the guitar world on fire! He was a big fan of the Musicians from the South who played Western Swing and what would become known as country music. Fender eventually offered a full range of steel guitars which became a very popular part of the Fender Catalogue. The pickups in these are basically what was used in the bridge of a Telecaster and you can hear that as soon as you plug it in. Ideal for classic Hawaiian steel guitar as well as country stylings. Like the Guitars of the day, this one (#0707) has a nice red lined "Koylon" made Tweed Case, which has kept it in great condition...Check it out, might make for a great guitar alternative ...  could even be a total career change!