1964 “L Series” Precision Bass, Fiesta Red. #L31558

Twangcentral Guitars


A Factory Original Fiesta Red Precision Bass, with its original factory flat wound strings, as in, “they’ve never been changed” and I am not going to be the one who changes them! Find another one of these. It is easily the best Bass I know of and yes, I do admit to being biased towards Precision’s. It has the original Australian made “Stamford” case it was supplied with and it’s still in pretty good shape. Any Fender instrument in a Custom Colour is hard to find and Basses, perhaps moreso…This one was pretty much used 3 nights a week for its whole life and when you pick it up and play it, you can tell. The “Vibe” is there! Once again, highly collectible and valuable, with good investment potential, but more importantly, mucho playing fun! 😎