2004 Fender CS Stratocaster "Closet Classic" Fiesta Red #R20538 - Sold

Fender Custom Shop


This Stratocaster is a serious example of why we hunt down these Custom Shop Guitars that were made around and pre 2007! It is if they continued on from the point where Leo and the team at Fullerton, California, were at their peak and CBS (the worlds largest corporation at that time) were sniffing around, looking to and about buy them out. It has a very thin "Closet Classic" finish, that nails "Fiesta Red", a nice dark thick Slab Rosewood Fretboard, with the "right" shaped, Gun Barrell straight Neck, very much like our own 1963 example actually. These earlier period "Time Machine Series" guitars are now sought after, by players and collectors alike and this one is exactly what they are looking out for!...Sorry if I appear to be gushing over this one guys!