Glad you found us! Twangcentral is a two-storey bricks and mortar store, formerly a 19th century saddlery, in the South West Corner of the Adelaide CBD, in South Australia. Now in our twelfth year, we specialise in Vintage Guitars, Basses, Amps and Ukuleles.

Check us out, you'll see we have a large room we call "The Vault", housing the best range of vintage guitars and amps for sale in the country.  We always have on hand some entry and intermediate level acoustic and electric guitars, through to Martin, Gibson and Fender Custom Shop instruments.  We also provide professional repair and set up work in-store, and, as players, we know how it feels when you get a guitar playing just right.

Our friends say Twangcentral has a cool vintage vibe with an old school feel and charm, and we're keen to keep that going.  If you're in our part of the world you're most welcome to call in and check it out, we're open weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 9-4 ACST.  Tea and coffee  available, just ask!

Twangcentral is operated by Terry O’Riley an "old salt", Ian "Dr Zot" Stehlik, and Lachie Reid, all of whom have an extensive background  as "pickers and purveyors", 

Pictured below: That’s Terry holding a beautiful 1964 Gibson Hummingbird, Ian at the work bench with a '37 Martin 00-18 shadetop, and Lachie with a lovely 1957 Gretsch 6120.

We like to call this place "Adelaide's Home of Martin Guitars" because we have specialised in this iconic brand for over 40 years in the various places we have hung our hats. In fact there’s a good chance that if you have a Martin guitar in Australia you probably bought it from Terry! We usually have around 15 Martins in stock ranging from vintage ones when we can get them, to some selected new Martins. We usually have several vintage Martins at any one time, something you don’t see in guitar shops very often. But it’s not just Martin we do; Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Guild and other iconic vintage marques are what we like to play and deal in.

If you have something that you want to sell, feel free to get in touch, we’re happy to talk it over and see if we can come up with something that’ll suit us both! And yes we do pay the BIG Dollars for the right pieces!

Call in, email, phone or carrier pigeon! See you there!

Remember, We Sell Keepers !!

Terry and the Team
Twangcentral Guitars



Terry O' with one fine looking Bird!

Ian  'Dr Zot' Stehlik

Ian and Terry go back many decades, having played in bands together and co-produced a series of Australian vintage guitar shows back in the 1990s.

Ian had a long  stint in Canberra where he became the local vintage guitar and uke specialist, repairing, teaching and performing at East Coast festivals. Ian's now returned to Adelaide for a beach-side lifestyle, highlighted  with days at Twangcentral.

Ian's areas of  vintage expertise reflect his personal instrument playing and collecting interests: early 20th century ukuleles and mid-century vintage guitars and valve amps, including some Australian and Japanese vintage pieces. 

Ian hits a D7 on a '37.

Lachie Reid

Lachie, works here on Saturdays and other times when we can get him in when uni allows...He is a great picker, loves The Living End, AC/DC and all the stuff we might tend to overlook. He is the go to guy on audio, recording, guitar fx, and all those techy things. He also builds custom guitar pedals to order, as well as modifications (If there's something you need done, just drop us an email!) He knows much more about guitars and associated gear than someone relatively young should. Loves to talk about ‘em as much as anyone of us does, so try him out...He owns a bunch of cool guitars, amps, effects pedals, recording gear and odd bits and pieces. He plays in a couple of different Adelaide bands, both recording and gigging, worth checking them out!...It’s great watching someone twice his age listen to what he has to say and play...Feel free to look him up when you come in, a fella who we rate highly, it’s great to have him onboard here at Twangcentral Guitars