1936 Martin D-28, Natural. #63866

Twangcentral Guitars


 1936 Martin D28! First thought? Find another one! Second thought? If you do find one, are you inclined to pay the US$150K it’ll take to purchase a good original example? This one has endured some things along the way that might make you want to reverse that trend. The body and neck are all the same original wood that it had when it left the factory 80 odd years ago, the thickness of the top is what it should be, (it’s been measured) as well as the back and sides. This guitar was refinished and it needs to be done again, with the right sort of lacquer. I’d be replacing the reissue bridge with a great copy of the original, putting a period correct decal on the headstock and fix up a couple of spots where the herringbone trim is missing and turning it into the really great “player’s grade” 1936 D28 it can be. All the “bones” are there and waiting to be put to good use again. It sounds great as is and I can send a video to show this. By the way, everything that needs to be done is in the pipeline and I expect to be offering it in its completed state next year. But of course, it’ll take a lot more to buy it once it’s done. IF I decide it’s for sale. A great “project” this one!