1938 Martin "Shadetop" D18S

Twangcentral Guitars


Some say that 1937 is one of the best years for prewar Martin Dreadnoughts! They had evolved over the 3 years since they started  production of what has become the all time classic acoustic guitar design and they had it just right at this time. A "Shadetop" (AKA Sunburst) version is ultra rare, but somehow, we have one right here for your perusal folks! It sounds as good as any guitar I have ever heard, as in, tone to die for! Over the years this one has received a replacement bridge, a Neck Heel Strapbutton was removed and filled. But the Finish is original, though "Missing" in places. "Rode hard and put away wet" as they say! Just a killer guitar this one. The "S" after the D18 means Special order, and in this case, that means it was ordered for a female guitar player who wanted a narrower Nut width, which of course is what she got, however there is plenty of wood behind and it fills your hand nicely. This fine guitar is not stored on the premises, so let us know if you are coming in to check it out eh? Proud to be able to present this guitar.