1926 Martin 00-45 - Sold



Here we have an absolutely beautiful Martin 00-45, which appears to have spent it's life, here in Adelaide, South Australia! Very unusual to find anywhere, but I am very surprised that there is one here. A previous owners details are on a business card in the case and they tell us that he was a Hawaiian Steel Guitar Teacher for a Music House that is now long gone. In case you don't know, "Style 45" is the "Flagship of the Martin Fleet", with Abalone Inlaid around all the edges, around the fretboard extension, as well as either side of the Neck Heel, as you can see in the pics. The double "0" size is the second largest Guitar in the range at that time, with the "Dreadnought" still 5 years from being thought of. This guitar was probably the most expensive guitar you could buy in the "Roaring Twenties" and likely the fanciest. This one is not for sale and the those with a sharp eye for detail will see that there is work to be done to get this one into top playable condition, but I know that anyone would just love to have this very valuable 88 year old beauty.