1943 Gibson "Banner" Southern Jumbo. FON 3317-5 - Sold



 "Only A Gibson Is good Enough", according to the headstock banner that adorns only the "Wartime" (1942-1945) Gibson Guitars and I think they were right! This is the first production year for the "Southerner Jumbo", it has a big, beautiful, typical of the era neck, with no Truss Rod (steel was needed for the war effort) so Gibson inserted a Maple "V" shaped insert to run along the Neck, hidden below the Fretboard instead, no need to adjust anything, as they do not move. At least this one doesn't! Other 1943 features are a ivoroid heel cap, an Adirondack Spruce Top, an unbound Fretboard. Some think that the SJ is just a tarted up J45, but it seems that the Tops on the SJ are actually a bit thicker and you can hear the difference...This is up with the best sounding acoustic guitars I have ever played, it has been played for sure, as you can see. It and is a loud, powerful, dynamic, well balanced acoustic tone machine. You will love it... I am sure, everybody does!