1954 Fender "Blackguard" Telecaster # 2920 - Sold



 Clean as a whistle this one and only 3 numbers away and also from the same Month as No 2923, (which we also have here for sale!) Never seen 2 Blackguards so close in fact! This one is also the cleanest "Blackguard" I have had in my hands and it ticks every Telecaster box there is! Featherweight, Real "Thinskin" Finish, Twangy etc etc! The pics tell the story! Nearly all of the finish round the edges is still intact, except where the pics show otherwise. The grain in the Swamp Ash is amazing, it is all good with this one! You know you need this ol' gal! Original, nice clean Centrepocket Tweed "Koylon" Case comes with it!