1954 Fender Telecaster "Whiteguard" # 8676



Please call for price and details.  Here we go folks! In 1954 Fender had used all of the 5,500 bridges they ordered in 1950 for their new guitars, the Broadcaster and Esquire, which eventually became the Telecaster and Esquire...Those bridges were stamped with the Serial Number which after 5500 was moved to the neckplate to standardise their range, which now included the Precision Bass and the just released "Stratocaster" ...Keeping in line with this standardisation, they started making all of their guitars with White Plastic instead of the Black Bakelite used on the Teles and Esquires...SO, in 1954 you get 2 types of Telecaster, The "Blackguards" and The "Whiteguards"...This one is a very clean one owner example totally "unmolested" in any way...sounds as good as it looks!