1956 Gibson GA40 Two Tone "Les Paul" Amplifier #54766 - Sold



I have no idea how we ended up with 2 of these "Les Pauls" but I am rapt to have had them.The original Gibson "Two Tone" GA40 in great shape and in need of nothing. The Trem works, the Footswitch is there and the P12Q Jensen Speaker has it's original cone. If you have a studio, or you do gigs where a "too loud" Rhythm section isn't there to clobber you, this one will be just the ticket. Collectable and cool! Gibson Amps of this mid 50's period are the best sounding and most sought after versions they made. It seems that they lost their way when Fender gained a foothold around this time, with their higher, 6L6 powered Bassman and Twin Amps being seen as the way to go, and for good reason, Rock and Roll had arrived and music got louder! Gibson just weren't able to keep up with them. But I have never heard a Deluxe or any of the smaller 6V6 powered Fender combo's that match these guys for punch. They sound a lot louder for some reason, they distort very musically and easily, relative to the players touch, as in REALLY dynamic. It will do a nice smooth T Bone Walker through to a full on Angus Young! Any guitarist would be happy to have one of these guys in their music room.