1955 Gibson GA40 Two Tone "Les Paul" Amplifier #53382 - Sold



Warning to all Fender Tweed Amps..."Get out of the Way"! Always partnered with the Gibson Les Paul in the Gibson Catalogues and named accordingly! This is one of the really great amps produced by Gibson in the 50's, that are only now getting the notoriety they deserve.  Used on many famous recordings, but often overlooked onstage, given the success of Fender, Marshall and Vox. When you compare this to a similarly specced amp from the "big guys", it often blows it right out of the water! Unbelievably, "only" 16 Watts RMS, with a Jensen Alnico 12" Speaker and a very classy, usable Tremolo circuit. this amp is powered by 2 6V6 Output Tubes, which are capable of more power than the 16 watts I mentioned, so there is great tone early on, and seemingly much more at the end, with a really good natural Overdrive. Believe me, something special right here!