1957 Gretsch 6120 'Western Amber' - Sold



Nice Old Gretsch 6120...Chet Atkins, Eddie Cochrane, Duane Eddy, George Harrison and a mob of others used this model and made it one of those legendary Gretsch Guitars that everyone would like to have! Twin Dearmond Pickups, Bigsby Vibrato, Full Acoustic Maple Body and Neck, Bound Rosewood Fretboard with “Humpblock” Inlays and Gold Hardware...In 1957 they were more Orange than before or after for some reason and it is a great look! Comes with the Original White Case with the tooled belt around the edge of the Case lid...“Well I’m a gonna raise a fuss and I’m gonna raise a holler”!  Please call for full details and price.
Location: Twangcentral Guitars 208 Gilbert St Adelaide..South Australia