1959 Fender "Tweed" 5E11 Vibrolux Amplifier #F02273 - Sold

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The Vibrolux is one of kings of the legendary range of Fender "Tweed" Amps for sure and if you are like me, with an eye for nice clean amps, this one will get you fired up!  1959 is pretty much the last year for the "Tweed" range and in 1960, there is a new generation and they all get a cosmetic makeover, more power and eventually Reverb. This one is absolutely ready to go to work, needs nothing other than a guitar plugged into it. Sounds bigger and louder than I expected and the tremolo circuit is very strong. Check the second pic, it shows the original footswitch that comes with it! If you have a studio, or you don't have too loud a drummer, then consider this fella!