1963 Burns “Short Scale, Jazz Guitar” Sunburst. #8005



Manufactured in post war England, during a time when there were tariffs protecting local industry, limiting imports of American brands such as Gibson and Fender. A thriving music scene needing well made playable guitars, meant that those local guitar manufacturers were set up very nicely to succeed, which they did, at least for a while. Bands like “The Shadows” and many others were seen playing Burns guitars. This Short Scale Jazz Guitar was roughly based on A Fender Stratocaster and they did a great job.
The Shortscale Jazz was among the first Burns guitars to use the now-legendary "Trisonic" pickups, favoured by Brian May, Lennie Breau and others on their custom guitars.  In some cases, they were used to replace the existing pickups on Fenders and Gibsons. Today, they are sought after collector's items in their own right, in much the same way as original Dearmonds, Gretsch Filtertrons, and Gibson P90A pro level guitar, with great tone and playability, a nice neck shape and a unique tremolo setup. Leo Fender was quoted as saying that Burns guitars were the best solid non American guitars he had came across. An extremely rare guitar in this country this one, especially in this shape.