1963 Fender "Blonde" Bandmaster Head & Cabinet # A04229 - Sold



Another real cool "Blond" era amp from the "Fender Electric Instrument Company"! A 40 watt RMS Head that is "piggybacked" onto a 2 x12" Speaker cabinet. Nice and Original in probably 7.5/10 condition and working to it's full potential. These guys were only around for a few years prior to FEIC releasing their famous "Blackface" range of Amps in 1964, tso hey are a link between those and the earlier Tweed Amps of the 50's, with a tone that is reminiscent of both. They make great Surf Instrumental and Rockabilly amps, but in reality they are just great amps that are good for any style. Can you believe that a lot of people used to paint these guys black? They look so cool as they are, what were they thinking!!