1964 Guild TE100D, 3 Tone Sunburst #34482 - Sold



Built in the famous old Guild factory at Hoboken in New Jersey, the Guild T100 (sometimes called the 'Slim Jim') model was the maker's first thinline, introduced in 1959, obviously as their answer to the very successful, newly released Gibson ES335.  With quality construction and great vintage feel, these were, and still are, fine alternatives to Gibsons and others of that era. Keith Richards is a particular fan. By late '63 Franz pickups gave way to Guild's own rectangular single coils units, and this the 2 pickup "D for double" version, with fully hollow body, bound, dot inlaid dark rosewood fretboard, maple body, mahogany neck and featuring the optional Bigsby whammy.  Even with the Bigsby, the total weight is a nice light 6.5lbs! In very good condition with some playing and buckle wear, this guitar was bought new and always resided in Adelaide. Very resonant acoustically, a great guitar for unplugged playing at home in addition to covering rock, blues or jazz thru an amp.