1964 Fender "Twin Reverb" Amplifier -Sold



* Sold but we have other vintage Twin Reverbs! *Factory Original and Clean! One of the first 500 Twin reverbs produced! The specs for this one are as follows. 80 Watts RMS, through 2 x 12" Jensen Special design C12N Speakers. 4 x 6L6 Output Tubes, Reverb, Vibrato, Original REV/VIB Black footswitch,

Here in Australia, you hardly see a "Blackface" Twin Reverb, reason being that they weren't imported into the country in big numbers. Seems the Australian distributors for Fender back in the day were more interested in Guitars and Basses. So,when we talk Twins here it is likely a "Silverfaced" (post 1967) version. These were a CBS amp and changes were implemented that were seen by most to be for the worse. They were louder (100 watts), heavier and had a different tone, so we tend to overlook them. Accordingly, when we try the real deal, we get a big surprise. A well set up and serviced Blackfaced Twin, would certainly be a candidate for the best guitar amp ever made and for a very good reason, they sound amazing! This one has somehow survived almost 50 years with NOTHING changed, even the Tubes! This would normally mean that it is all show and no go, but that is not the case here. This one is a Museum Grade BFTR, that sounds terrific.