1964 Gretsch 6120 "Nashville" - Sold



A gorgeous 'factory original' 1964 6120 awaits your consideration! This is the classic early double cutaway model introduced in 1962, with the thinner body and legendary Filtertron pickups, thumbprint (AKA neo classic) inlays, ebony fretboard and all the Gretsch goodies including the padded leather back panel, a fully functional rubber string damper and of course the Bigsby whammy. The condition of this example is excellent, and the original frets are in great shape - the guitar has been played but not gigged alot.  The Western Amber finish hasn't faded much at all and the gold plating and binding are holding up well. This one sounds exactly like you would expect and is a delight to play with a slim C profile neck. With the original case of course, which shouldn't have to be mentioned after saying 'factory original' at the outset!