1965 Fender " L Series" Sunburst Stratocaster #L57719 - Sold



 A Legendary Fender Guitar from a legendary era! In 1965, CBS were all over Leo Fender and his crew at Fullerton, they wanted to and eventually succeeded in purchasing his famous Guitar and Amplifier Company! This is pretty much the last year of Fender ownership and it is a very interesting period for guitars like this. This is one anyone would be happy to have in their "arsenal", it does it all! Looks to be a one piece Alder Body, Canadian Rock Maple Neck with a nice Dark Indian Rosewood Fretboard with Pearloid Dot inlays, 3 Layer Celluloid (pre Plastic) Pickguard, Kluson "double line" Tuners, Transition Spaghetti Logo and of course the last year for the small original shaped Headstock. Nice original Case! It's a beauty...