1965 Fender "Vibrolux Reverb" Amplifier #A07211 - Sold



Check this one out! Factory Original and Clean! "Right now I'm a Telecaster through a Vibrolux turned up to ten" says John Hiatt in one of his better known tunes. An ideal combination for sure! These are rated at 35 Watts RMS, compliments of 2 x 6L6 Output Tubes, through 2 x 10" Jensen Special design C10N Speakers. Classic Fender set up with Two separate channels as well as Reverb and Vibrato (actually tremolo). This one still has the original REV/VIB Black Footswitch and "Victoria Luggage Company" Tuki cover, one of the reasons for it looking so good after 48 years, apart from the fact that it has obviously been looked after. Real serious amps these Blackfaced Vibroluxe Reverbs, easily one of THE best ever made and extremely hard to find in this shape.