1965 Vox AC10SRT “Super Reverb Twin”



If there is a Unicorn of Guitar Amplifiers this is it! This is likely the rarest of all the factory built vintage era guitar amps. It has become famous because of it being featured on the “Doug and Pat show” on YouTube. It’s worth watching  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alBO_yEn5o4 It is basically a 10 plus watter, with 2x10” Elac Speakers, but unusually for Vox, it was equipped with Reverb, as well as the not so unusual Tremolo. These have the famous and unique EF86 Tube as well, considered to be the Tube behind “The Vox sound”. There are thought to have been less than 200 of these guys made…I wonder how many survivors there are…🤷‍♂️