1966 Fender Custom Telecaster. # 177057 - Sold



This Telecaster is something special! Not to be mistaken for the "Telecaster Custom" that was released in the 70's, this is a "Custom Telecaster" as stated on the Headstock. This version of the famous Telecaster was offered By FEIC from 1959, until 1972 and the difference is that the body is "Bound" on the front and back! Usually seen in Sunburst, but also with some of the Dupont catalogue Custom Colours of the era, these are a quite rare, especially in this "Near Mint" condition. It has an Alder body, Canadian Rock Maple Neck, Indian Rosewood Fretboard, Kluson "Double Line" Tuners, and a Transitional "Spaghetti" Logo. A lot of this spec changed in the next year, so this one is the end of an era in some ways. Purchased new for a young 9 year old boy who started to learn to play, it eventually was put under the bed, along with the 1966 Fender Princeton Reverb purchased with it. They stayed there for most of their life as the young fellow went on to become a Doctor...Could have been a struggling musician, who'd have missed that calling? Anyway, that is the reason this one is in such good shape. It plays and sounds as good as most any Telecaster I have come across. A real class act for sure. By the way, the Princeton Reverb is here at Twangcentral as well, if you want to keep the pair together. Great optionI reckon!