1967 Gibson ES125CD #118330 - Sold



The "Juniorburger" to the ES175TD, this used the same Design, Body and Neck dimensions etc...Equipped it with the P90 Single Coil Pickups, which many prefer to the Humbucker, because of the clarity...Also an unbound Dot Inlaid Fretboard...Interestingly and importantly it has an anchored ABR1 Tune O Matic Bridge, as opposed to a Floating, non adjuasable Wooden type...These clearly have their own thing going on and I'd defy you to find a cleaner, more original or better example! This would make a great "Rockabilly" guitar, with a Bigsby (correct era please) attached as per the factory installation,or a great blues and Rock guitar. Did I mention that this one is SUPER clean and factory original?