1968 'Pink Paisley' Telecaster #248049

Twangcentral Guitars


Here we have a fantastic example, of one of the James Burton inspired, late 60's classic "Paisley" Telecasters, extremely rare and they don't get much cleaner than this one! It's the real deal and all original. You may notice the Bridge saddles are Glendale or similar, but the originals are in the case (can't work out why you'd want to change them myself!) and they are easily put back. So here is what you get. Paisley pattern over an Alder Body, (some say they are Basswood or Poplar, so it is a "Grey Area", but I am sticking with Alder as that was what they used on the other Teles and Strats at the time, so expedience and practicality suggests that to me. Maple "Cap" Neck/Fretboard, which is highly flamed in this case and very desirable and unusual. Original Hardware and Original Black rectangular hard case….VIVA LAS VEGAS!