1972 Gibson Les Paul '54 Custom Reissue "Black Beauty" #LE890160 - SOLD



Here we have an example of Gibson's first series of Limited Edition guitars! Serial Numbers on these have a "LE" Prefix" in fact. This is a very faithful replica of a 1954 Les Paul Custom, the original "Fretless Wonder", with small, low frets that allow for a low and fast action. Fran Beecher, Lead guitarist with Bill Haley and The Comets used one of these in the movie "Rock Around the Clock" for the famous solo on the song of the same name. Like the original, this has an all Multiple Bound, Solid Honduras Mahogany Body, (no Maple Cap, like all of the other post 50's "LP Customs" ended up with), Gold Hardware, Block Inlaid Ebony Fretboard and once again, like the originals from 1954 to 1957, an unusual pickup complement. One P-90 Single Coil in the Bridge Position and what they called an "Alnico" pickup in the Neck Position. This is one great sounding, rare and spectacular Les Paul folks!