1975 Ibanez 2387CT “Flying V”. AKA “Rocket Roll Senior”…SOLD

Twangcentral Guitars


Made in the famed Fuji Gen Factory, as a member of a group of 3 guitars called the “Korina Trio”. Based on Gibson’s extremely radical offerings from 1858, the Flying V, Explorer and Moderne, all of which are very rare and the most valuable guitars thar exist. The “Korina Trio” only lasted for 3 years and are very rare in their own right. This one is from the first year, one of the first of them in fact, as it doesn’t have a serial number. Great build quality and tonewoods and the very desirable, Ibanez Super 70’s Humbucking Pickups, are part of the reason for the success of these guitars, they play and sound great. Comes with the original case as well. Strong “Albert King Vibes right here!