1978 Gibson L5CES Natural #06172403 - Sold



I have never seen a poorly made Gibson L5 or Super 400, they are always great guitars!  Gibson are often accused of losing the plot after being bought out by the Norlin Corporation, based on quality control issues and it is a reasonable claim, but it never affected these "Flagship" models from my experience. This is a beautifully built guitar, made with the best Grade Canadian Rock Maple, Sitka Spruce and Ebony that you could find. It is the ultimate Jazz Guitar for a lot of players, who love the likes of Wes Montgomery and others who made this model the icon that it has become. Always an expensive guitar, always rated at the top of the tree by Gibson and many great musicians. Nothing changed on this one but the strings, it is set up beautifully and I welcome you to come and check it out it when you are inclined. A pretty rare and ultra cool guitar!