2001 Fender Custom Shop 'Mary Kaye' Stratocaster #R3651

Fender Custom Shop


 SOLD. Mary Kaye was a 50's Singer/Guitarist, infamous for her use of a particularly interesting custom ordered Fender Stratocaster. It was finished like the standard issue Fender Telecaster of the period, a Translucent Blonde finish on a Swamp Ash Body, but the big deal is that it also had Gold plated Hardware. Ever since, that combination on a Strat has always been known as "Mary Kaye". The Custom Shop has made that combination in small numbers from time to time and here we have one for your perusal. Sensational looking, sounding and playing guitar, Featherweight (like I said) Swamp Ash Body. with an outrageous mix of "Birdseye" and Flame in the Rock Maple neck. This is THE best "Mary Kaye" I have seen from the Custom Shop and is certainly a guitar that will be as collectable as it is playable! Helluva Strat this one!