2004 Fender 1960 CS Daphne Blue Stratocaster #R16764 - Sold



Fender offered several "Custom Colors" straight out of the Dupont Duco Catalogue which was used to use to choose the color for your Chevy, Ford or Caddilac. You were able to do the same thing with your Fender Guitars for a while, most commonly from 1959 through to about 1965 I guess. There were several shades of Blue, "Sonic blue", "Lake Placid Blue" and others, all very cool for sure. This one is "Daphne Blue" and I like it. A bit difficult to photograph it to look as it does in reality, but the pics give you the idea. When you talk about the old "Vintage" era originals and their values, it is interesting to note that with two similar like factory original guitars, one being Sunburst, one being a Custom Color, the latter has about or near twice the value. Something to look out for when choosing your "weapon". In exactly the same shape as was when it left the Custom Shop, with all the stuff in the case that should be there. Great "Axe" right here!