2004 Fender 50th Anniversary Stratocaster, American Standard - Sold



They were “officially” released back in 1954 and they must have looked like something form a Science Fiction Movie! The Fender Stratocaster, the most popular electric guitar of them all, was 50 years old in 2004 and of course, our good friends at the Fender Facility in Corona California decided to mark that “Golden Anniversary” with some variations on the Strat theme to celebrate! This is an American Series 50th Anniversary Stratocaster...Basically the same as the Standard, except you get a Two tone sunburst Finish, as per the original from 1954, it also got a Rectangular Red lined Tweed case, a 4 Bolt Neckplate that marks the 50th Anniversary...They are good value from a collectable point of view and should be considered a good thing to put away should you be inclined!