2004 John Liddy Handmade "Liddy"F5 Mandolin - Sold



Here is a fine sounding, perfectly playing Mandolin, made right here in Mount Barker, South Australia, by the now deceased Builder John Liddy. It was selected by myself, from his first batch of Mando's while they were "in the white" (prior to the finishing process) and was his first delivered Mandolin. If you look at the Maple on the Back and the neck, you will see what led me to this instrument. A good friend of mine has one from his final batch and it is a great Mandolin, but this one sounds slightly brighter and is a little "sweeter". If you are looking for a great Mandolin, like the idea of an Australian made instrument that rivals the stuff the American luthiers build, look no further. There were only 30 or so made and this is an opportunity to own THE very first instrument, from someone who was a great craftsman, one who certainly left his mark here and especially on the Australian Bluegrass scene!