2006 (8th September) Custom Shop Fender '56 Stratocaster "Relic" - Sold

Fender Custom Shop


I may sound a bit repetitive describing these guitars, but this is a very recent arrival here at Twangcentral, that is certainly worthy of any consideration from someone looking for a "keeper" Fender Stratocaster. It is from the "Right Era" of Custom Shop production, with Seasoned, not Kiln Dried Timbers, in the pre CNC era , "Old School" Fender way. This one is certainly one of the very best CS Strats I have encountered, it has that Classic Strat Tone and feel. It is a light Relic, which to me is  preferred to some of the heavy handed examples. Just a great guitar, with all of the Case Candy, Certificate of Authenticity in a nice clean Tweed case.