2005 fender Custom Shop '51 Nocaster "Closet Classic" - Sold

Fender Custom Shop


These are one of the Fender Custom Shop, "Time Machine Series" and one of the most successful in that series as well. "Closet Classic" is one of the 3 variants offered within that series. It is meant to represent a guitar that was used lightly and put away in a closet at some time and left there until someone pulled it out many years later, opened the case to find a guitar that had become a "Classic" over time! I think of these as being the best to have, in that they aren't as "beat up" as some of the "Relic" Series can be (of course, they can be great guitars like this one is), but it has the same very thin finish that is part of the Relic specification, which makes the Neck feel great to play. Speaking of Necks, these have a big "U" shaped neck, which is popular for many Tele nuts out there, but this one is less so, which suits me personally. If you haven't tried these "Nocasters", like the idea of a "Blackguard" Telecaster, as well as a Guitar that is part of the Custom Shop "Golden Era" Then you need to get in touch, come on in and have a pick! It is all original, with all of the Case Candy etc and there is literally nothing other than good things to report on this mighty fine Gittar!