2005 Fender Custom Shop "Relic" Telecaster. "Candy Apple Red" # R12500 - Sold

Fender Custom Shop


Candy Apple Red is a real popular "Custom Colour" and this is a good example, with great Looks, Playability and great Tone. From the Fender Custom Shop, "Time machine Series" it is a "Relic '63 Telecaster, meaning it replicates a 1963 Telecaster and I reckon they pretty well nailed it with this one. "Seasoned" (not kiln dried) Timbers as follows. Alder Body, Canadian Rock Maple Neck, Interesting Rosewood (I have heard it said that they used some "Braz" in this era, take a look and tell me what you think!) Fretboard. Comes with the COA, all Case candy etc. Call in and have a pick! you'll enjoy the experience!