2006 Fender CS '55 "Relic", Chris Fleming Masterbuilt Telecaster, Blond #R5564 - Sold

Fender Custom Shop


 A Custom Shop '55 Masterbuilt Telecaster from 2006. This was a limited run of Custom Shop Telecasters built solely by Fender CS "Master builder" Chris Fleming. These were built to replicate a particular 1955 Telecaster, that he actually owns, which is considered a "real good one. So the concept was to replicate it, warts and all,  in a small batch, One hundred of them, all built by the same builder and owner. His job was to make the whole lot, from "Stem to Stern", all the way through, from selecting the Timbers, the various building and finishing stages, to finally putting the guitar in it's case and signing the Certificate of Authenticity. This one is as it left the factory, virtually unplayed, with no wear at all, other than what was put there by Chris in the process of replicating the wear on his original 1955 guitar. Okay, If you want a Big Neck, on THE Lightest Tele going around, come in and play this one, it is exactly what you are looking for.