2008 Fender Custom Shop "69 NOS Stratocaster, "Blonde" R11777 - Sold

Fender Custom Shop


This one is based on the Strats made during the "Hendrix" era. The man who singlehandedly saved this legendary guitar from being deleted from the Fender range! After CBS took over, one of their ideas was to make the hard to read on TV "spaghetti logo, bigger and bolder, which meant that they had to make the headstock larger to accommodate the new decal. Nice guitars, with a more "transparent" tone, beautifully explored by the aforementioned Jimi Hendrix, they still had the same 4 bolt Neck and they were yet to receive the "Bullet" Truss Rod Adjustment near the nut. So a guitar that only existed in this particular guise for 4 years. This one plays and sounds great and might just suit your needs and budget. Come and have a play eh?