2009 Fender CS, 1960 Fiesta Red, "Closet Classic" Stratocaster, #R46965 - Sold

Fender Custom Shop


Iconic as it gets! Hank B Marvin, Ian Moss, Mark Knopfler, David Gilmour and many others have had long successful stints using old Fiesta Red Stratocasters and it is a bona fide Legendary Fender Custom Color. This "Closet Classic" version is part of the successful "Time Machine Series" and this one holds it's own amongst all of the Custom Shop Strats we have here at Twangcentral. It is rare to find an original and one day, it'll be as rare to find one of these, they are built in small numbers and are not cheap to buy, so they have never been plentiful. Exactly the same Tonewoods, pickups wound with the original Strat Tones in mind, repro parts that are built with similar integrity and make these guitars very special instruments. COA and Case Candy all nicely tucked away in a nice clean Brown Tolex case. Come and give us a demo of your favourite "Shads" instrumental.