2011 CF Martin & Co, D18A 1937 “Authentic Series” #1499196

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I think this just might be the very best “non-vintage” Martin Guitar, that I’ve ever played! Of course this a subjective take, but I’m sticking with it! 12 years old, like new and virtually unplayed, this guitar arguably shouldn’t sound as good as it does. It is as loud as it gets, with Bass aplenty, sweet Trebles and the Mids don’t overtake either of them, but they are there. Think clarity, balance and all of that, with character as well. Hard to imagine what this guitar is going to become if played. No guarantee on this, but a fellow told me that there were only 67 odd “Shadetop” versions of this model, but if he’s not right, it is the first one I’ve seen in this finish. So they are rare. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present you, what I am calling a perfect guitar! These were made with a T Bar neck support, Hide Glue, “Red Spruce” (AKA Adirondack, East or Vermont Spruce) all the good stuff that makes the 1937 guitars right at the the top of the desirability tree!