2012 Martin "Lefty" HD28V #



Easily one of the most popular and affordable of Martin's more serious attempts at recreating their so called "Golden Era" Guitars! There are higher priced versions of the D28 in their range, but from a "Bang for Buck" point of view, this HD28V is the one. You don't see many Lefties either. So, in case you are wondering...H is for Herringbone Trim, which had been discontinued on Style 28 in 1946. D for Dreadnought (of course). 28 for the "style" and V for "Vintage", as in the Vintage version of style 28, which reintroduces the all important Scalloped Bracing, which had been discontinued in 1944, The faux Tortoise Shell Pickguard, discontinued in 1967. The through slotted Bridge, Waverley "open Back" Tuners. Lots of Martin History was brought back in this guitar, at a price that most guitarists can find a way to achieve. This one is in 9/10 original condition, case as well! If you're a Lefty, you'll be stoked with this guitar.