2016 Gibson Custom Les Paul, Murphy Aged Peach Commemorative. #9 6311

Twangcentral Guitars


Peter Green, Gary Moore and now Kirk Hammett, some big hitters right there! All have owned that very famous Les Paul that this guitar is based on…A pretty special template for sure. Built by the Gibson Custom Shop, by the famous Tom Murphy and his small crew, Aged and reliced to mimic the original. Apparently there were only 10 of these made, 5 were left high gloss and 5 were “reliced” and only two of the five were reliced by Tom Murphy himself and this is one of those two, the other 3 were other Murphy lab staff, worth mentioning is that it’s also true historical spec. This is a great guitar and as good as most any Les Paul I’ve played. Comes with all of the supporting Paperwork and Case Candy. Won’t be here very long I’d suggest.