c 1946 Rickenbacker Model B-6 Bakelite Lap Steel - SOLD

Twangcentral Guitars


Made in Los Angeles California  just after WW2. Polished black finish, bakelite body and neck. These instruments were THE standard of their day and are still generally considered the finest lap steel ever made. This B-6 features the second version of the famous horseshoe magnet pickup with the smaller 1 1/4" magnets and surrounding mounting flange with strings loading thru the tailpiece section. The body's hollow cavities are covered by off-white enameled metal plates. The neck features integral moulded frets and nut with inset white plastic position dots. The original 3-on-a-plate Kluson tuners sit under a hinged art deco style cover plate featuring the Rickenbacker logo, a rarely-seen variant.  The pickup is adjustable for height with slot-head screws. The volume and tone controls are on the treble side equipped with the original black plastic "flying saucer" knobs used up into the 1950's. The pickup mounting flange is marked with the patent number, with a bakelite saddle mounted directly in front of it.  This is a fine sounding B-6, a very nice example of the classic Rickenbacker steel guitar in excellent condition.