CF Martin & Co OM28 "Madagascar" Rosewood. - Sold



This is simply a stunning sounding guitar, that plays beautifully! This early 2000's era Martin build quality, to me and many others is as good as you could ask for and probably their second "Golden Era" (the first being 1933-39), especially given that they are trying to recreate the guitars that are famous from that prewar original period that is so well known for producing the best acoustic guitars ever made. They cannot import or export Brazilian rosewood any more and have chosen Madagascar Rosewood as its closest relative, so it it is now considered the replacement tonewood for the upmarket Style 28 and above guitars. Adirondack Spruce for the top, mahogany for the neck,  ebony fretboard and bridge completes the wood selection. Waverley Tuners, fossilised walrus ivory for the nut, saddle and bridge pins and slpit-diamond pearl fretboard markers complete the picture. The 000 and OM size is the guitar of choice for fingerpickers of course, but as Martin's second largest body size, it is a great all-rounder as well. A truly spectacular Instrument in every way.