1966 Fender Precision Bass "Sunburst" with Rosewood Fretboard #167115 - Sold



If you are into the idea of an old Fender Precision Bass (and who wouldn't be) this might well be the one! Everyone who has played this one has had nothing but positive stuff to say about it. It is as light as you would find, the neck is more like a 1959-60 profile than what you would expect from this era, nice and wide, with a great shape. very thin Nitro Celluose finish over the Body and Neck, real "Celluloid Tortoiseshell Pickguard and all the other goodies that make for a great old Fender Bass. Sounds just like a bunch of records that had James Jameson, Duck Dunn and many others who plied their trade on an old "Precision". Factory original from stem to stern and in great shape still, despite 48 years of solid service!