1966 Fender "Blackface" Twin Reverb 2 x 12" Amplifier



This one is as clean a "Blackface" Amplifier as I have seen. Bonafide "Museum Grade" and all of that stuff! As I have mentioned in other descriptions. these were very different from the Silverface Amps that followed from 1968. Not as heavy, not as loud at 80 watts than the latter's 100 watts and not as clinically clean sounding. This era has a Fingerjointed Pine Cabinet, 16 Gauge Steel Chassis, beautifully constructed USA made Schumacher Transformers, fully hand-wired, with nice big capacitors and all of the other things that made Fender Amps from this period such classics. A far better amp in every way! 

PS This is the last one  ofthree Blackface Twin Reverbs in the store.  If you are searching for ultimate Fender Tone, get in touch!