1991 Fender Custom Shop "Buckocaster" Telecaster. Gold Sparkle #R5601

Fender Custom Shop


SOLD . Try and find another one of these guys! One of only 4 handmade in the Fender Custom Shop in 1991, by famed Fender "Masterbuilder" Fred Stuart (there is a letter from him included). Using Buck Owens' actual 1964 specially built "Custom Telecaster", they are considered "exact replicas". The original 3 were given to Buck, Don Rich (his lead guitarist, but you know that already don't you!) and George Fullerton, a high level long term Fender employee and friend of Leo's. Check out the "Checkerboard Binding" around the edges....Whoa! The gold sparkle finish with matching headstock is a great look and oh, by the way, that signature on the top was signed by the man himself, Mr Buck Owens before he passed away in March 2006. I doubt that the others in the batch found their way to him to get this extra bit of cool provenance! I like to think that he might have played that lick from "Buckaroo" on it before he signed it! I don't know what Buck's original version of this guitar would be worth, but it would be one of the most valuable Telecasters on the planet! This must be as close as you could get!