Mosrite "Ventures" Model...Candy Apple Red - Sold



Semie Moseley was one of the early breed of guitar makers working in California at a time when Paul Bigsby, Adolph Rickenbacher (no that is the correct spelling, email me if you want to argue!) Leo Fender and some others were creating some problems for the more staid East Coast Guys, like Gibson, Epiphone and Gretsch etc...They were innovative and connected to a totally different set of musicians who were making some great music, people like the ONE and ONLY Jimmy Bryant, The Ventures (Nokie Edwards and Bob Bogle) and others of that set were linked to and still are to Mosrite Guitars...They are considered a seminal "Surf Instrumental" Guitar and this one sounds just like that...Come on in and play Perfidia or something similar and you'll get the picture...