Phil Kubicki "Custom Wildwood" Telecaster - Sold



Phil Kubicki is an interesting name in the Fender story...He was apparently responsible for building the first ever "Custom" Guitars produced at the Fullerton Plant...They were for Buck Owens, Don Rich, Doyle Holly also known as "The Buckaroos" they are some of the most iconic Fender guitars they ever made...He was also responsible for the somewhat less illustrious "Wildwood" Finished Coronado Semi Acoustics, "Wildwood" meaning some slabs of Timber that were harvested from trees that were injected with Dye to produce a striking slab of wood that they used in these guitars...He apparently struck a deal with Fender to get hold of the last slabs of Wildwood and built the first guitars that had his own name on the Headstock and this is is one of those...It has one of those necks that is "just right" and a Tone that is as comfortable...Reminiscent of a mid Sixties Telecaster...AU$3995