1941 Martin D45 #78634



a Legendary "Prewar" D45! They made 91 of these 14 Fret D45's between 1934 and 1942 and this of course is one of them. There were no more produced postwar, until the late 60's  Crosby, Stills and Nash era, when they hit it big and created a lot of interest in what was an almost forgotten classic. They eventually asked Martin to make some for them in 1968, in a project handled by Mike Longworth, already notorious for his work on converting D28's into D45's for folks who knew about them, he would  eventually go on to  write some of the great reference books on Martin Guitars. It is not known how many of those 91 guitars survive, but Fire, flood, Theft and Bad treatment must have played a part. This one Sounds and Plays great, it has a replacement Bridge, and it was oversprayed by Martin (now removed), likely when the guitar was sent to the factory in the 50's for the replacement Celluloid Pickguard. The Martin Repair section oversprayed the guitars when they came in for repairs, to "freshen them up", something they did for years, thinking that they were doing their customers a favour. This guitar is not stored on the premises, so please call and let us know if you are coming in to check it out eh?